In Appreciation of Thomas Kummerow

(September 3, 2020) — The Washington Appellate Project thanks retiring attorney Tom Kummerow for 25 years of advocacy.


Tom Kummerow announced he will retire September 30.


Tom joined the Washington Appellate Project in 1995 after several years of practice in California. From the start, Tom has been a leader among his colleagues and a mentor to younger attorneys. Time and again, Tom has demonstrated his commitment to giving voice to his clients. Tom has been regularly called upon to handle the most serious and complex cases including several cases involving the death penalty. Tom has argued dozens of cases in the Washington Supreme Court, hundreds in the Court of Appeals, as well as many in the Ninth Circuit.


Tom’s colleagues at the Washington Appellate Project, past and present, thank Tom for his commitment, leadership, and friendship.

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“There can be no equal justice where the kind of an appeal a man enjoys depends on the amount of money he has.”

Douglas v. California, 372 U.S. 353, 355 (1963).